"I really love this pad. My cathartic moment for ordering it came a few weeks ago when, after participating in our weekly running club after work, I realized I was embarrassingly wet. I had to visit the restroom and try (with not much success) to dry off, then sit down and not move until I was a little drier. I have gotten to where I just can't control leaks on runs longer than two miles. I'm 54, have had a few kids...little indiscretions have been a part of my running life for a long time, but they have recently gotten worse. SO--I tried these on a Saturday morning run after two cups of coffee, and they worked extremely well. All pads will work somewhat, but what these have going for them is the tapered shape: narrow in back, wider at front, which results in greater comfort and way less bulkiness. I am always self-conscious about being able to see pads when wearing running tights...and these are invisible. I ran, I leaked a little, and these kept me completely dry. The design is way ahead of other pads, like Poise, that simply don't address athletic needs. Frankly, that surprises me...but I'm happy to have found these and don't mind paying a few extra bucks for the confidence and the performance. Very pleased." - Terri

"Love these pads! Having a slight leaking issue when I run due to age and having babies, and these do the trick. I love that they are tapered so you really can't see them there." - Gina

"It's a great product. Regular menstruation pads wasn't absorbing urine and they aren't designed to. If I leaked a little urine during workouts/runs/jumprope it would work great. Sometimes I lose control of my entire bladder. It can't hold that much. This pad is more of a T shape with the narrow part going up your butt. It's a weird feeling... and it can work around where the sticky part underside irritates my butt. If it was a little more wider, it could hold more urine... It's still a great product and you can't even tell anyone is wearing this. When I run with it - it's comfortable." - Angela

"I have used these for running and crossfit and they have been great for both. They stay in place and don't chafe the way some pads do. I was skeptical about the shape, but they are sticky enough to stay in place during a tough workout and I didn't have any trouble with it moving around. I hate that I need to use them, but these are the best that I've tried for exercise induced incontinence and I'll keep using them." - Anonymous

"Seriously, the best product I have tried. I've never had kids and didn't think I would ever have an incontinence problem. I've been crossfiting for about a year and for the longest time I was scared that I would leak and people would notice. I had on a pantyliner once and did leak through onto the floor. I was mortified. Now that I have found these and have gotten over my "stage fright" I'm lifting more weight than ever! Seriously, you can't feel these, nobody can see, you can wear them with thongs, they are just amazing! Def. recommend!!!" - Elizabeth